“Friendly service and always manage to fit me in when my doggies have issues.”
-Kimberly P., Facebook

“I’ve been going to Pflugerville Animal Hospital for years. They are always so pleasant and kind. I’ve been to other veterinary clinics before that gouge you with prices. While they are still a business, your jaw won’t drop when you get your bill 🙂  They don’t sell Heartguard anymore, but if you order it through Chewy, they’ll contact PAH to get confirmation, and you can have it delivered directly to you. With the current situation, they are open, but you’ll need to make an appointment and wait in your car while they exam your pet.”
-Nicolette H., Google

“The doctor and staff are intelligent and attentive to me and my pets.   I watched them handle difficult situations with aplomb.  They treat me ahf my pets with kindness and consideration and answer every question and concern.  I highly recommend them.”
-Chris A., Yelp

“Today my dog got very sick, my poor baby was only passing blood no stool and I was panicked. We called our regular vet and they said they’d see him next Thursday… that’s 10 days from now! I googled emergency vets near me- Pflugerville animal hospital came up and was super close to my house. Less than 5 miles actually so I called hoping they’d help me or give me a recommendation of where to go. It was 3 pm and they told me to bring him right away and drop him off and they’d be sure to check him out today. Dr. Swathi stayed late and made sure he was alright. He is now home resting and has the medicine he needs to treat his gastrointestinal inflammation. I am forever thankful for their help and will be transferring my animals to this office for all of their care!!!!! A huge thank you to the entire team you guys were amazing and helped a very scared fur baby mom stay calm today. The picture is from a few years ago but considering he had to be seen on May the 4th seems fitting that we’d share his Star Wars picture”
-Alysia C., Facebook

“When it comes to my pets, I have a trust problem. Every single person here was amazingly kind and gentle. You can tell they truly love animals. Also, very professional and on time!”
-Nicki J., Google

“The doctor was so helpful! She gave so much information about what was wrong with our pup. She offered a lot of other things that we never even knew we needed. We’ll be sure to be back!! Definitely recommend this animal hospital to everyone else!”
-Marissa S., Yelp

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“Just left doctor’s office my puppy dog Dr G is awesome the clinic has wonderful and I would not take my pet anywhere else.”
-Donalda E., Facebook

“This clinic went above and beyond any vet, I have ever been to. I will never forget how determined the vet was to save my cat and because of her and the staff he is alive and getting better every day. I was ready to give up because I couldn’t watch him suffer anymore. He is our baby and so happy he is still with. He has that mischievous look in his eyes again.💖”
-Betty B., Google

“Dr. Swathi and her staff played an important role in identifying our cat’s illness within the first visit. Switched to this veterinary office after experiencing a number of frustrating visits at another vet where they could not pinpoint the issue and were only treating the symptoms and not the problem. The office is in an easy to get to the location, so happy we decided to give this place a shot. Our cat is in a healthier happier place now because of their actions.”
-Andrew Y., Yelp

Super fast in making appointment (no waiting online forever) or days to get in. Fairly priced, super friendly staff. I really just loved how fast, friendly and easy they made our whole experience. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you def coming back here. Bonus, they have military discount
-Amanda O., Facebook

“Took my boys here after they had a fight due to another dog. They did some serious damage to each other for the first time and I wasn’t able to tend their wounds. I brought them both to Pflugerville animal hospital the next morning and for them both in right away with no appointment. One needed stitches the other broke teeth and need them removed and his gums stitched. I was so heartbroken and they assured me my babies were in good hands. They both have recovered perfectly and are back to their playful, loving selves. The staff was amazing and very understanding of how hesitant I was to leave their sides but took care of them like they were their own pets. Dr. G was so understanding and didn’t charge me for anything that they did not need right at that moment or do testing that wasn’t necessary to charge me more. I’m very grateful to all the staff here and would absolutely recommend them and bring my boys back!”
-Mashelle A., Google

“Pflugerville Animal is one of the best. They take care of my dog and three cats. All doing well and as I have an unpredictable schedule,, always willing to accommodate my needs. Very caring staff”
-Alan S., Yelp